Microsoft Azure Stack Development Kit architecture

The Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK) is a single-node deployment of Azure Stack. All the components are installed in virtual machines running on a single host machine.

Logical architecture diagram

The following diagram illustrates the logical architecture of the ASDK and its components.

ASDK architecture

Virtual machine roles

The ASDK offers services using the following VMs hosted on the development kit host computer:

Name Description
AzS-ACS01 Azure Stack storage services.
AzS-ADFS01 Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).
AzS-BGPNAT01 Edge router and provides NAT and VPN capabilities for Azure Stack.
AzS-CA01 Certificate authority services for Azure Stack role services.
AzS-DC01 Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP services for Microsoft Azure Stack.
AzS-ERCS01 Emergency Recovery Console VM.
AzS-GWY01 Edge gateway services such as VPN site-to-site connections for tenant networks.
AzS-NC01 Network Controller, which manages Azure Stack network services.
AzS-SLB01 Load balancing multiplexer services in Azure Stack for both tenants and Azure Stack infrastructure services.
AzS-SQL01 Internal data store for Azure Stack infrastructure roles.
AzS-WAS01 Azure Stack administrative portal and Azure Resource Manager services.
AzS-WASP01 Azure Stack user (tenant) portal and Azure Resource Manager services.
AzS-XRP01 Infrastructure management controller for Microsoft Azure Stack, including the Compute, Network, and Storage resource providers.

Next steps

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