The Azure Stack Marketplace overview

Applies to: Azure Stack integrated systems and Azure Stack Development Kit

The Marketplace is a collection of services, applications, and resources customized for Azure Stack, like networks, virtual machines, storage, and so on. Users come here to create new resources and deploy new applications. Think of it as a shopping catalog where users can browse and choose the items they want to use. To use a Marketplace item, users must subscribe to an offer that grants them access to the item.

As an Azure Stack operator, you decide which items to add (publish) to the Marketplace. You can publish things like databases, App Services, and so on. This makes them visible to all your users. You can publish custom items that you create. You can also publish items from a growing list of Azure Marketplace items. When you publish an item to the Marketplace, users can see it within five minutes.

To open the Marketplace, click New.

Marketplace items

An Azure Stack Marketplace item is a service, application, or resource that your users can download and use. All Azure Stack Marketplace items are visible to all your users.

Every Marketplace item has:

  • An Azure Resource Manager template for resource provisioning
  • Metadata, like strings, icons, and other marketing collateral
  • Formatting information to display the item in the portal

Every item published to the Marketplace uses a format called the Azure Gallery Package (azpkg). Add deployment or runtime resources (like code, zip files with software, or virtual machine images) to Azure Stack separately, not as part of the Marketplace Item.

Next steps

Create and publish a marketplace item