Create subscriptions to offers in Azure Stack

Applies to: Azure Stack integrated systems and Azure Stack Development Kit

After you create an offer, users need a subscription to that offer before they can use it.

  • As a cloud operator, you can create a subscription for a user from within the administrator portal. Subscriptions you create can be for both public and private offers.
  • As a tenant user, you can subscribe to a public offer when you use the user portal.

The following sections provide guidance for cloud operators when creating subscriptions for users, and how to subscribe to an offer as a user.

Create a subscription as a cloud operator

Cloud operators can use the admin portal to create a subscription to an offer for a user. You can create subscriptions for members of your own directory tenant. When multi-tenancy is enabled, you can also create subscriptions for users in additional directory tenants.

You can create subscriptions for both public and private offers. If do not want your tenants to create their own subscriptions, make all of your offers private, and then create subscriptions on behalf of your tenants. This approach is common when integrating Azure Stack with external billing or service catalog systems.

After you create a subscription for a user, that user can log into the user portal and will find that they are subscribed to the offer.

To create the subscription for a user

  1. In the Admin portal, go to User subscriptions.
  2. Select Add to open the New user subscription pane. Here you specify the following details:

    a. Display name – A friendly name for identifying the subscription that appears as the User subscription name.

    b. User – Specify a user from an available directory tenant for this subscription. The user name appears as Owner. The format of the user name depends on your identity solution. For example:

    • Azure AD: &lt;user1>@<>

    • AD FS: &lt;user1>@<azurestack.local>

    c. Directory tenant – Select the directory tenant where the user account belongs. If you have not enabled multi-tenancy, only your local directory tenant is available.

  3. Select Offer to open the Offers pane, and then choose an Offer for this subscription. Because you are creating a subscription for a user, you can select a private or public offer.

  4. Select Create to create the subscription. The User subscriptions pane now displays the new subscription. Later, when the user logs into the user portal, they can view details about this subscription.

To make an add-on plan available

A cloud operator can add an add-on plan to a previously created subscription at any time:

  1. In the admin portal go to More Services > User subscriptions, and then select the subscription you want to change.

  2. Select Add-ons > Add to open the Add plan pane.

  3. Select the plan you want to add as an add-on. The console then displays the plans associated with the subscription.

Create a subscription as a user

As a user, you can sign in to the user portal to locate and subscribe to public offers and add-on plans from your directory tenant (organization). When the Azure Stack environment supports multi-tenancy you can subscribe to offers from a remote directory tenant.

To subscribe to an offer

  1. Sign in to the Azure Stack user portal (https://portal.local.azurestack.external) and click Get a Subscription.

    Get a subscription

  2. In the Display Name field, type a name for your subscription, click Offer, click one of the offers in the Choose an offer pane, and then click Create.

    Create an offer

  3. To view the subscription you created, click More services, click Subscriptions, then click your new subscription.

After you subscribe to an offer, refresh the portal to see which services are part of the new subscription.

To subscribe to an add-on plan

If an offer has an add-on plan, you can add that plan to your subscription at any time.

  1. In the user portal, select More services > Subscriptions, and then select the subscription that you want change.

  2. Select Add Plan button, and then select the add-on plan you want. If Add plan is not available, then there are no add-on plans for the offer associated with that subscription.

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