Azure Video Analyzer player widget sample


We’re retiring the Azure Video Analyzer preview service, you're advised to transition your applications off of Video Analyzer by 01 December 2022.

Azure Video Analyzer for Media is not affected by this retirement. It is now rebranded to Azure Video Indexer. Click here to read more.

Action Required: To minimize disruption to your workloads, transition your application from Video Analyzer per suggestions described in this guide before December 01, 2022. After December 1, 2022 your Azure Video Analyzer account will no longer function. Starting May 2, 2022 you will not be able to create new Video Analyzer accounts.

This sample application shows the integration of Video Analyzer's player widget with video playback, zone drawing and video clip generation features.

Get Started

After following the README instructions and the app is running on http://localhost:3000/

  1. Click 'Get Videos'
  2. Select a Video from the drop-down list of all of the Videos in your Video Analyzer account

Video Player

The Video Player page presents the typical player, as seen in the Portal.
Screenshot of video player.

Zone Drawer

The Zone Drawer allows you to create zones by drawing polygons and drawing lines on your video. You can also save these zones and lines to receive the coordinates of your respective zones and lines.


  "@type": "#Microsoft.VideoAnalyzer.NamedLineString",
  "name": "Line 1",
  "line": [
      "x": 0.7536813922356091,
      "y": 0.4358353510895884
      "x": 0.7563587684069611,
      "y": 0.7699757869249395
  "@type": "#Microsoft.VideoAnalyzer.NamedPolygonString",
  "name": "Zone 2",
  "polygon": [
      "x": 0.11780455153949129,
      "y": 0.7627118644067796
      "x": 0.15261044176706828,
      "y": 0.774818401937046
      "x": 0.0749665327978581,
      "y": 0.8983050847457628
      "x": 0.04551539491298527,
      "y": 0.864406779661017

Copying these coordinates can be done using the Copy to clipboard button. Zones and lines can be renamed and deleted using the three dots next to each zone and line.
Screenshot of zone drawer.

Video Clips

Video Clips allows you to select a start date and time along with an end date and time. You can generate the video clip by using the Add button. You can select any of your generated clips from drop-down list, where each clip is titled as the start and end dates and times. Your video clip can then be viewed in the typical video player format.
Screenshot of video clips.

Next Steps

Try creating your own custom Video Analyzer player widget with these instructions.