Support matrix for backup of SAP HANA databases on Azure VMs

Azure Backup supports the backup of SAP HANA databases to Azure. This article summarizes the scenarios supported and limitations present when you use Azure Backup to back up SAP HANA databases on Azure VMs.

Onboard to the public preview

Onboard to the public preview as follows:

  • In the portal, register your subscription ID to the Recovery Services service provider by following this article.
  • For PowerShell, run this cmdlet. It should complete as "Registered".
Register-AzProviderFeature -FeatureName "HanaBackup" –ProviderNamespace Microsoft.RecoveryServices


The frequency of log backup can now be set to a minimum of 15 minutes. Log backups only begin to flow after a successful full backup for the database has completed.

Scenario support

Scenario Supported configurations Unsupported configurations
Topology SAP HANA running in Azure Linux VMs only HANA Large Instances (HLI)
Geos Australia South East, East Australia Brazil South Canada Central, Canada East South East Asia, East Asia East US, East US 2, West Central US, West US, West US 2, North Central US, Central US, South Central US India Central, India South Japan East, Japan West Korea Central, Korea South North Europe, West Europe UK South, UK West Australia Central, Australia Central 2 China East, China North, China East2, China North 2 West India France Central, France South Germany North, Germany West Central Switzerland North, Switzerland West South Africa North, South Africa West, UAE North, UAE Central Azure Government regions
OS versions SLES 12 with SP2, SP3, or SP4 SLES 15, RHEL
HANA versions SDC on HANA 1.x, MDC on HANA 2.x <= SPS04 Rev 44 -
HANA deployments SAP HANA on a single Azure VM - Scale up only Scale-out
HANA Instances A single SAP HANA instance on a single Azure VM – scale up only Multiple SAP HANA instances on a single VM
HANA database types Single Database Container (SDC) ON 1.x, Multi-Database Container (MDC) on 2.x MDC in HANA 1.x
HANA database size 2-TB full backup size after compression (M series 2 TB, 4-TB RAM)
Backup types Full, Differential, and Log backups Incremental, Snapshots
Restore types Refer to the SAP HANA Note 1642148 to learn about the supported restore types
Backup limits Up to 2 TB of full backup size per SAP HANA instance
Special configurations SAP HANA + Dynamic Tiering
Cloning through LaMa


Backup and restore operations from SAP HANA native clients (SAP HANA Studio/ Cockpit/ DBA Cockpit) aren't currently supported.

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