Change your Azure Pay-As-You-Go subscription to a different offer

As a Pay-As-You-Go customer, you can switch your Azure subscription to another offer in the Account Center. For example, you can use this feature to take advantage of the monthly credits for Visual Studio subscribers.

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What's supported:

From To
Pay-As-You-Go Pay-As-You-Go Dev/Test
Pay-As-You-Go Visual Studio Professional
Pay-As-You-Go Visual Studio Test Professional
Pay-As-You-Go MSDN Platforms
Pay-As-You-Go Visual Studio Enterprise
Pay-As-You-Go Visual Studio Enterprise (Bizspark)


For other offer changes, contact support.

Switch subscription offer

  1. Sign in at Azure Account Center.
  2. Select your Pay-As-You-Go subscription.
  3. Click Switch to another offer. The button is only available if you're on Pay-As-You-Go and done with your first billing period.

    Notice the Switch offer button on the right side of the page

  4. Select the offer you want from the list of offers your subscription can be switched to. This list varies based on the memberships that your account is associated with. If nothing is available, check the list of available offers you can switch to and make sure you have the right memberships.

    Select an offer that you want to switch to

  5. Depending on the offer you’re switching to, you may see a note about the impact of switching. Go through this list carefully and follow the instructions before you proceed.

    Review the notes

  6. You can rename your subscription. By default, we set it to the new offer name. Click Switch Offer to complete the process.

    Click the green button

  7. Success! Your subscription is now switched to the new offer.

Frequently asked questions

What is an Azure offer?

An Azure offer is the type of the Azure subscription you have. For example, Pay-As-You-Go, Azure in Open, and Visual Studio Enterprise are all Azure offers. Each offer has different terms and some have special benefits. The offer of your subscription can be found in the Account Center subscription page. Click the offer name to get more details.

Click the Offer link in Account Center to get more details

Why don't I see the button?

You might not see the Switch to another offer button if:

  • You're not on Pay-As-You-Go. Currently only Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions can be converted to another offer.
  • You're still on your first billing period; you must wait for your first billing period to end before you can switch offers.

Why do I see "There are no offers available in your region or country at this time"?

  • You might not be eligible for any offer switches. Check the list of available offers you can switch to and make sure that you've activated the right benefits with Visual Studio or Bizspark.
  • Some offers may not be available in all countries.

What does switching Azure offers do to my service and billing?

Here are the details of what happens when you switch Azure offers in the Account Center.

No service downtime

There is no service downtime for any users associated with the subscription. However, the offer you switch to may have restrictions. For instance, some offers prohibit production use, so you would need to move production resources to another subscription.

Quota increases are reset

When you switch offers, any limit or quota increases above the default limit are reset. There's no service downtime, even if you have more resources beyond the default limit. For example, you're using 200 cores on your subscription, then switching offers resets your cores quota back to the default of 20 cores. The VMs that use the 200 cores are unaffected and would continue to run. If you don't make another quota increase request, however, you can't provision any more cores.


On the day you switch, an invoice is generated for all outstanding charges. Then, your subscription is billed per the new offer’s pricing terms. Your subscription billing anniversary changes to the date on which you changed offers. Usage and billing data before the offer change is not retained, so we recommend that you download a copy before switching.

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Can I migrate data and services to a new subscription?

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