Set up billing or credit alerts for your Microsoft Azure subscriptions

If you’re the Account Admin for an Azure subscription, you can use the Azure Billing Alert Service to create customized billing alerts that help you monitor and manage billing activity for your Azure accounts.

This service is in preview, so you need to enable it in the Preview Features page first.


This article provides steps for how to delete personal data from the device or service and can be used to support your obligations under the GDPR. If you’re looking for general info about GDPR, see the GDPR section of the Service Trust portal.

Set the alert threshold and email recipients

  1. Visit the Preview Features page and enable Billing Alert Service.

  2. After you receive the email confirmation that the billing service is turned on for your subscription, visit the Subscriptions page in the account portal. Click the subscription you want to monitor, and then click Alerts.

    Screenshot of the subscriptions view of Azure Account center, with Alerts highlighted

  3. Next, click Add Alert to create your first one. You can set up a total of five billing alerts per subscription, with a different threshold and up to two email recipients for each alert.

    Screenshot of the Alerts view, where you can add alert

  4. When you add an alert, you give it a unique name, choose a spending threshold, and choose the email addresses where alerts are sent. When setting up the threshold, you can choose either a Billing Total or a Monetary Credit from the Alert For list. For a billing total, an alert is sent when subscription spending exceeds the threshold. For a monetary credit, an alert is sent when monetary credits drop below the limit. Monetary credits usually apply to Free Trial and Visual Studio subscriptions.

    Screenshot of the alert addition view, where you can configure recipients

Azure supports any email address but doesn't verify that the email address works, so double-check for typos.

Check on your alerts

After you set up alerts, the Account Center lists them and shows how many more you can set up. For each alert, you see the date and time it was sent, whether it’s an alert for Billing Total or Monetary Credit, and the limit you set up. The date and time format is 24-hour Universal Time Coordinate (UTC) and the date is yyyy-mm-dd format. Click the plus sign for an alert in the list to edit it, or click the trash-can to delete it.

Delete alerts or email addresses from the Azure Billing Alert Service

If you ever need to remove any information from the service, update the email address on file, or delete the alert entirely.

Screenshot of the alert deletion view, where you can remove personal info

Billing alerts for Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers

EA subscriptions are not supported by this service, instead EA customers can get alerts for each department under an enrollment by setting spending quotas. See Department Spending Quotas in the EA portal to get started.

Learn more about Azure cost management

To learn more, see Azure cost management guidance.