Upgrade your Free Trial or Microsoft Imagine Azure subscription to Pay-As-You-Go

Upgrade your Free Trial or Microsoft Imagine subscription to Pay-As-You-Go in the Azure Account Center.

  1. Sign in to the Azure Account Center.
  2. In the subscription status section, select the Upgrade now banner.

    Screenshot that shows where to click to upgrade from Free Trial to Pay-As-You-Go

  3. Confirm your upgrade.

    Screenshot that shows what to select to confirm that you want to upgrade your subscription

    When you upgrade from a Free Trial subscription, you keep your remaining credit for the full 30 days after you created the subscription. You also have access to free services for 12 months.

    If you want to transfer the subscription after upgrading, you must wait until the subscription offer ID changes to MS-AZR-003P. The offer ID changes when

  • You consume all the remaining credit, or
  • 30 days pass since the start of the free trial