Tutorial: Using applications in Azure Blockchain Workbench

You can use Blockchain Workbench to create and take actions on contracts. You can also view contract details such as status and transaction history.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create a new contract
  • Take an action on a contract

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.


Open the Blockchain Workbench in your browser.

Blockchain Workbench

You need to sign in as a member of the Blockchain Workbench. If there are no applications listed, you are a member of Blockchain Workbench but not a member of any applications. The Blockchain Workbench administrator can assign members to applications.

Create new contract

To create a new contract, you need to be a member specified as a contract initiator. For information defining application roles and initiators for the contract, see workflows in the configuration overview. For information on assigning members to application roles, see add a member to application.

  1. In Blockchain Workbench application section, select the application tile that contains the contract you want to create. A list of active contracts is displayed.

  2. To create a new contract, select New contract.

    New contract button

  3. The New contract pane is displayed. Specify the initial parameters values. Select Create.

    New contract pane

    The newly created contract is displayed in the list with the other active contracts.

    Active contracts list

Take action on contract

Depending on the state the contract is in, members can take actions to transition to the next state of the contract. Actions are defined as transitions within a state. Members belonging to an allowed application or instance role for the transition can take the action.

  1. In Blockchain Workbench application section, select the application tile that contains the contract to take the action.

  2. Select the contract in the list. Details about the contract are displayed in different sections.

    Contract details

    Section Description
    Status Lists the current progress within the contract stages
    Details The current values of the contract
    Action Details about the last action
    Activity Transaction history of the contract
  3. In the Action section, select Take action.

  4. The details about the current state of the contract are displayed in a pane. Choose the action you want to take in the drop-down.

    Choose action

  5. Select Take action to initiate the action.

  6. If parameters are required for the action, specify the values for the action.

    Take action

  7. Select Take action to execute the action.

Next steps