Additional channels


Besides the channels listed in within these docs, there are a few additional channels available as an adapter, both through our provided platforms via Botkit, or accessible through the community repositories. Below are the additional channels provided:

Currently available adapters

A complete list of available adapters can be found here. You'll notice some channels are available also as an adapter, and it's up to you when to use a channel versus an adapter.

When to use an adapter

  1. The service does not support the channel you want
  2. Security and compliance requirements of your deployment dictate that you cannot rely on an outside service
  3. Depth of features that you need in a particular channel may not be supported

When to use a channel

  1. You require cross-channel compatibility: your bot should work on more than one of the available channels
  2. Built in support: Microsoft maintains, patches, and seamlessly services each channel for you each time a third-party makes updates
  3. Allows access to additional exclusive Microsoft channels, like quickly growing Microsoft Teams
  4. If you want to rely on a GUI interface to enable additional channels for your bot