Connect a bot to Kik

You can configure your bot to communicate with people using the Kik messaging app.

Install Kik on your phone

If you don't have Kik installed on your phone, install it via your phone's app store or at the Kik website. You'll need to use an existing Kik user account or sign up for an new account.

Kik sign up

Log into the dev portal with your mobile phone

Use your mobile phone to log into the Kik portal. When prompted, Open this page in "Kik"? select Open.

Kik dev portal

Follow the bot setup process

Give your bot a name.

Set up bot

Gather credentials

On the Configuration tab, copy the Name and API key.

Copy bot information

Submit credentials

Paste credentials

Click Submit Kik Credentials.

Enable the bot

Check Enable this bot on Kik. Then click I'm done configuring Kik.

When you have completed these steps, your bot will be successfully configured to communicate with users in Kik.