Preview bot features with the Channel Inspector

The Bot Framework enables you to create bots with a variety of features such as text, buttons, images, rich cards displayed in carousel or list format, and more. However, each channel ultimately controls how features are rendered by its messaging clients.

Even when a feature is supported by multiple channels, each channel may render the feature in a slightly different way. In cases where a message contains feature(s) that a channel does not natively support, the channel may attempt to down-render message contents as text or as a static image, which can significantly impact the message's appearance on the client. In some cases, a channel may not support a particular feature at all. For example, GroupMe clients cannot display a typing indicator.

The Channel Inspector

The Channel Inspector is created to give you a preview on how various Bot Framework features look and work on different channels. By understanding how features are rendered by various channels, you'll be able to design your bot to deliver an exceptional user experience on the channels where it communicates. The Channel Inspector also provides a great way to learn about and visually explore Bot Framework features.


Rich cards are a developing standard for bot information exchange to ensure consistent display across multiple channels. See the .NET or Node.js documentation for more information about rich cards.

Text formatting

Text formatting can enhance your text messages visually. Besides plain text, your bot can send text messages using markdown or xml formatting to channels that support them. The following tables list some of the most commonly used text formatting in markdown and xml. Each channel may support fewer or more text formatting then what is listed here. You can check the Channel Inspector to see if a feature you want to use is supported on a channel that you target.

Markdown text format

These styles may be supported when textFormat is set to markdown:

Style Markdown Example
bold **text** text
italic *text* text
header (1-5) # H1 # H1
strikethrough ~~text~~ ~~text~~
horizontal rule ---- ----
unordered list * text
  • text
ordered list 1. text 1. text
preformatted text `text` text
blockquote > text
hyperlink [bing]( bing
image link ![duck]( duck


HTML tags in Markdown are not supported in Microsoft Bot Framework Web Chat channels. If you need to use HTML tags in your Markdown, you can render them in a Direct Line channel that supports them. Alternatively, you can use the HTML tags below by setting the textFormat to xml and connect your bot to Skype channel.

XML text format

These styles may be supported when textFormat is set to xml:

Style XML Example
bold <b>text</b> text
italic <i>text</i> text
underline <u>text</u> text
strikethrough <s>text</s> text
hyperlink <a href="">bing</a> bing
paragraph <p>text</p>


line break <br/> line 1
line 2
horizontal rule <hr/>
header (1-4) <h1>text</h1>

Heading 1

code <code>code block</code> code block
image <img src="" alt="Duck"> Duck


The textFormat xml is supported only by the Skype channel.

Preview features across various channels

To see how a channel renders a particular feature, go to the Channel Inspector, select the channel from Channel list and the feature from the Feature list. For example, to see how Skype renders a Hero Card, set Channel to Skype and Feature to HeroCard.

Channel Inspector showing Skype channel and Hero Card

The Channel Inspector shows a preview of the selected feature as it will be rendered by the specified channel. The Notes section conveys important information about message limitations and/or display changes. For example, some types of rich cards support only one image and some features may be down-rendered on certain channels.


The Channel Inspector currently supports these channels:

  • Cortana
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • GroupMe
  • Kik
  • Skype
  • Skype for Business
  • Slack
  • SMS
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Telegram
  • WeChat
  • Web Chat

Additional channels may be added in the future.

Features that can be previewed

The Channel Inspector currently allows you to preview the following features.

Feature Description
Adaptive Cards A card that can contain any combination of text, speech, images, buttons, and input fields.
Buttons Buttons that the user can click. Buttons appear on the conversation canvas with the message they belong to.
Carousel A compact, scrollable horizontal list of cards. For a vertical layout, use List.
ChannelData A way to pass metadata to access channel-specific functionality beyond cards, text, and attachments.
Codesample A multi-line, pre-formatted block of text designed to display computer code.
DirectMessage A message sent to a single member of a group conversation.
Document Send and receive non-media attachments.
Emoji Display supported emoji.
GroupChat Bot sends messages to participate in group conversations.
HeroCard A formatted attachment typically containing a single large image, a tap action, and buttons (optional), along with descriptive text content.
Images Display of image attachments.
List Layout A vertical list of cards. For a horizontal, scrollable layout, use Carousel.
Location Share the user's physical location with the bot.
Markdown Renders text formatted with Markdown.
Members Shares the list of members in the conversation with the bot during a group chat.
Receipt Card Display a receipt to the user.
Signin Card Request the user to enter authentication credentials.
Suggested Actions Actions presented as buttons that the user can tap to provide input.
Thumbnail Card A formatted attachment containing a single small image (thumbnail), a tap action, and buttons (optional), along with descriptive text content.
Typing Displays a typing indicator. This is helpful to inform the user that the bot is still functioning, but performing some action in the background.
Video Displays video attachments and play controls.

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