Manage a bot

APPLIES TO: yesSDK v4 yesSDK v3

This topic explains how to manage a bot using the Azure portal.

Bot settings overview

Bot settings overview

In the Overview blade, you can find high level information about your bot. For example, you can see your bot's Subscription ID, pricing tier, and Messaging endpoint.

Bot management

You can find most of your bot's management options under the BOT MANAGEMENT section. Below is a list of options to help you manage your bot.

Bot management

Option Description
Build The Build tab provides options for making changes to your bot. This option is not available for Registration Only Bot.
Test in Web Chat Use the integrated Web Chat control to help you quickly test your bot.
Analytics If analytics is turned on for your bot, you can view the analytics data that Application Insights has collected for your bot.
Channels Configure the channels your bot uses to communicate with users.
Settings Manage various bot profile settings such as display name, analytics, and messaging endpoint.
Speech priming Manage the connections between your LUIS app and the Bing Speech service..
Bot Service pricing Manage the pricing tier for the bot service.

App service settings

App Service Settings

The Application Settings blade contains detailed information about your bot, such as the bot's environment, debug settings, and application settings keys.

MicrosoftAppID and MicrosoftAppPassword

The MicrosoftAppID and MicrosoftAppPassword are kept within the bot's settings file(appsettings.json or .env), or Azure Key Vault. To retrieve them, either download your bot's setting or config file (for older bots, if it exists), or access Azure Key Vault. It may be necessary for you to test locally with the ID and password.


The Bot Channels Registration bot service comes with a MicrosoftAppID but because there is no app service associated with this type of service, there is no Application Settings blade for you to look up the MicrosoftAppPassword. To get the password, you must go generate one. To generate the password for a Bot Channels Registration, see Bot Channels Registration password

Next steps

Now that you have explored the Bot Service blade in the Azure portal, learn how to use the Online Code Editor to customize your bot.