Cost Management tools in Azure

The Cost Management discipline is one of the Five Disciplines of Cloud Governance. This discipline focuses on ways of establishing cloud spending plans, allocating cloud budgets, monitoring and enforcing cloud budgets, detecting costly anomalies, and adjusting the cloud governance plan when actual spending is misaligned.

The following is a list of Azure native tools that can help mature the policies and processes that support this discipline.

Tool Azure portal Azure Cost Management + Billing Power BI Desktop connector Azure Policy
Budget control No Yes No Yes
Monitor spending on single resource Yes Yes Yes No
Monitor spending across multiple resources No Yes Yes No
Control spending on single resource Yes, manual sizing Yes No Yes
Enforce spending across multiple resources No Yes No Yes
Enforce accounting metadata on resources No No No Yes
Monitor and detect trends Yes Yes Yes No
Detect spending anomalies No Yes Yes No
Socialize deviations No Yes Yes No