Azure migration best practices

Azure provides several tools in Azure to help execute a migration effort. This section of the Cloud Adoption Framework is designed to help readers implement those tools in alignment with best practices for migration. These best practices are aligned to one of the processes within the Cloud Adoption Framework migration model pictured below.

Expand any process in the table of contents on the left to see best practices typically required during that process.

Cloud Adoption Framework migration model


Digital estate planning and asset assessment represent two different levels of migration planning and assessment:

  • Digital estate planning: You plan or rationalize the digital estate during planning, to establish an overall migration backlog. However, this plan is based on some assumptions and details that need to be validated before a workload can be migrated.
  • Asset assessment: You assess a workload's individual assets before migration of the workload, to evaluate cloud compatibility and understand architecture and sizing constraints. This process validates initial assumptions and provides the details needed to migrate an individual asset.