Establish an operating model for the cloud

Cloud adoption defines what you do and how you use the cloud during transformation projects that yield desired business value. The operating model is who you are and how you function on a daily basis, during and after cloud adoption.

Establish your operating model

Current operating models can scale to support your adoption of the cloud. A modern operating model will help you remove nontechnical blockers to cloud adoption.

This section of the Cloud Adoption Framework provides an actionable operating model to guide nontechnical decisions. This operating model consists of three methodologies to aid in creating your own cloud operating model:

  • Govern: Ensure consistency across adoption efforts. Align to governance or compliance requirements to maintain a well-managed cross-cloud environment.
  • Organize: Align the organization to ensure success across the operating model and various cloud adoption efforts.
  • Manage: Align ongoing processes for operational management of the technology to maximize value attainment and minimize disruptions.

Next steps

Governance is a common first step toward establishing an operating model for the cloud.