Migrate your customers to Azure CSP

Are you an Azure Cloud Solution Provider (Azure CSP) partner, looking for new opportunities for your Azure CSP business? Start with migrating your customers to Azure CSP.

Migrate from on-premises workloads to Azure CSP

If your customers have on-premises workloads, running on VMs or bare metal servers, you can migrate these workloads to Azure CSP. For more information, see Migrate on-premises workloads to Azure CSP.

Migrate from other channels to Azure CSP

You may also want to migrate existing Azure subscriptions from other channels to Azure CSP. This includes Enterprise Agreement and Pay-As-You-Go (sometimes called Azure Direct) subscriptions. For more information, see the following:

For Open and BizSpark Azure subscriptions, follow the instructions for Pay-As-You-Go (Azure Direct). In these scenarios, unused credit cannot be transferred to CSP.

Next steps

  • Review what Azure services are available in Azure CSP.
  • Learn how customer support works in the Azure CSP model.
  • Enroll in the Azure CSP program, and start making Azure business through Azure CSP.