Tutorial: Single-page Video Search app

This is the complete source code discussed in the single-page app tutorial for Bing Video Search. To run the app, copy the source code into Notepad or another text editor and save it as bing.html. Then open the saved file in Microsoft Edge or another popular browser.

````html <!DOCTYPE html>

Bing Video Search API Demo

Bing Video Search API demo

<input type="text" name="query" id="term" placeholder="Search the Web" autocomplete=off>

Modules <input type=checkbox name="what" id="all" value="All" checked="checked"> <input type=checkbox name="what" id="related" value="RelatedVideos">    From    <input type=checkbox id="safe" name="safe" value="on" checked> <input type=hidden name="count" value="25"> <input type=hidden name="offset" value="0">



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