Quickstart: Summary

These quickstarts provide information and code samples to help you quickly get started using the Computer Vision API with Python to accomplish the following tasks:

You can run these quickstarts as a Jupyter notebook on MyBinder. To launch Binder, select the following button:


The code in these samples is similar. However, they highlight different Computer Vision features along with different techniques for exchanging data with the service, as summarized in the following table:

Quickstart Request Parameters Response
Analyze an image visualFeatures=Categories,Description,Color JSON string
Detect celebrities model=celebrities JSON string
Generate a thumbnail width=200&height=150&smartCropping=true byte array
Extract printed text language=unk&detectOrientation=true JSON string
Extract handwritten text handwriting=true URL, JSON string*
Analyze a disk image data=image_data (byte array) JSON string

* Two API calls are required. The first call returns a URL, which is used by the second call to get the text.