Language support for Computer Vision

Some features of Computer Vision support multiple languages; any features not mentioned here only support English.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The Computer Vision OCR APIs support several languages. Read can extract text from images and documents with mixed languages, including same text line without requiring a language parameter. See the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) overview for more information.


Language code optional

Read OCR's deep learning based universal models extract all multi-lingual text in your documents, including text lines with mixed languages, and do not require specifying a language code. Do not provide the language code as the parameter unless you are sure about the language and want to force the service to apply only the relevant model. Otherwise, the service may return incomplete and incorrect text.

See How to specify the model version to use the preview languages and features. The preview model includes any enhancements to the currently GA version.

Handwritten languages

The following table lists the handwritten languages supported by Read.

Language Language code (optional) Read
English en
Chinese Simplified zh-Hans ✅ preview
French fr ✅ preview
German de ✅ preview
Italian it ✅ preview
Portuguese pt ✅ preview
Spanish es ✅ preview

The following table lists the print languages supported by the OCR APIs.

Language Language code (optional) Read OCR
Afrikaans af
Albanian sq
Arabic ar
Asturian ast
Azerbaijani (Latin) az ✅ preview
Basque eu
Belarusian (Cyrillic) be ✅ preview
Belarusian (Latin) be ✅ preview
Bislama bi
Bosnian (Latin) bs ✅ preview
Breton br
Bulgarian bg ✅ preview
Buryat (Cyrillic) bua ✅ preview
Catalan ca
Cebuano ceb
Chamorro ch
Chinese Simplified zh-Hans
Chinese Traditional zh-Hant
Cornish kw
Corsican co
Crimean Tatar (Latin) crh
Croatian hr ✅ preview
Czech cs
Danish da
Dutch nl
English en
Erzya (Cyrillic) myv ✅ preview
Estonian et
Faroese fo ✅ preview
Fijian fj
Filipino fil
Finnish fi
French fr
Friulian fur
Gagauz (Latin) gag ✅ preview
Galician gl
German de
Gilbertese gil
Greek el
Greenlandic kl
Haitian Creole ht
Hani hni
Hawaiian haw ✅ preview
Hmong Daw (Latin) mww
Hungarian hu
Icelandic is ✅ preview
Inari Sami smn ✅ preview
Indonesian id
Interlingua ia
Inuktitut (Latin) iu
Irish ga
Italian it
Japanese ja
Javanese jv
K'iche' quc
Kabuverdianu kea
Kachin (Latin) kac
Kara-Kalpak (Latin) kaa
Kara-Kalpak (Cyrillic) kaa-cyrl ✅ preview
Karachay-Balkar krc ✅ preview
Kashubian csb
Kazakh (Cyrillic) kk-cyrl ✅ preview
Kazakh (Latin) kk-latn ✅ preview
Khasi kha
Korean ko
Koryak kpy ✅ preview
Kosraean kos ✅ preview
Kumyk (Cyrillic) kum ✅ preview
Kurdish (Latin) ku
Kyrgyz (Cyrillic) ky ✅ preview
Lakota lkt ✅ preview
Latin la ✅ preview
Lithuanian lt ✅ preview
Lower Sorbian dsb ✅ preview
Lule Sami smj ✅ preview
Luxembourgish lb
Malay (Latin) ms
Maltese mt ✅ preview
Manx gv
Maori mi ✅ preview
Mongolian (Cyrillic) mn ✅ preview
Montenegrin (Cyrillic) cnr-cyrl ✅ preview
Montenegrin (Latin) cnr-latn ✅ preview
Neapolitan nap
Niuean niu ✅ preview
Nogay nog ✅ preview
Northern Sami (Latin) sme ✅ preview
Norwegian no
Occitan oc
Ossetic os ✅ preview
Polish pl
Portuguese pt
Ripuarian ksh ✅ preview
Romanian ro ✅ preview
Romansh rm
Russian ru ✅ preview
Samoan (Latin) sm ✅ preview
Scots sco
Scottish Gaelic gd
Serbian (Cyrillic) sr-cyrl
Serbian (Latin) sr-latn ✅ preview
Skolt Sami sms ✅ preview
Slovak sk ✅ preview
Slovenian sl
Southern Sami sma ✅ preview
Spanish es
Swahili (Latin) sw
Swedish sv
Tajik (Cyrillic) tg ✅ preview
Tatar (Latin) tt
Tetum tet
Tongan to ✅ preview
Turkish tr
Turkmen (Latin) tk ✅ preview
Tuvan tyv ✅ preview
Upper Sorbian hsb
Uzbek (Cyrillic) uz-cyrl
Uzbek (Latin) uz
Volapük vo
Walser wae
Welsh cy ✅ preview
Western Frisian fy
Yucatec Maya yua
Zhuang za
Zulu zu

Image analysis

Some actions of the Analyze - Image API can return results in other languages, specified with the language query parameter. Other actions return results in English regardless of what language is specified, and others throw an exception for unsupported languages. Actions are specified with the visualFeatures and details query parameters; see the Overview for a list of all the actions you can do with image analysis. Languages for tagging are only available in API version 3.2 or later.

Language Language code Categories Tags Description Adult Brands Color Faces ImageType Objects Celebrities Landmarks
Arabic ar
Azeri (Azerbaijani) az
Bulgarian bg
Bosnian Latin bs
Catalan ca
Czech cs
Welsh cy
Danish da
German de
Greek el
English en
Spanish es
Estonian et
Basque eu
Finnish fi
French fr
Irish ga
Galician gl
Hebrew he
Hindi hi
Croatian hr
Hungarian hu
Indonesian id
Italian it
Japanese ja
Kazakh kk
Korean ko
Lithuanian It
Latvian Iv
Macedonian mk
Malay Malaysia ms
Norwegian (Bokmal) nb
Dutch nl
Polish pl
Dari prs
Portuguese-Brazil pt-BR
Portuguese-Portugal pt/pt-PT
Romanian ro
Russian ru
Slovak sk
Slovenian sl
Serbian - Cyrillic RS sr-Cryl
Serbian - Latin RS sr-Latn
Swedish sv
Thai th
Turkish tr
Ukrainian uk
Vietnamese vi
Chinese Simplified zh/ zh-Hans
Chinese Traditional zh-Hant