Add Intents

An intent represents a task or action the user wants to perform. It is a purpose or goal expressed in a user's input, or utterances. Intents match user requests with the actions that should be taken by your app, so you must add intents to help your app understand user requests and respond to them.

All applications come with the predefined intent, None. You should teach it to recognize user statements that are irrelevant to the app. For example, if a user says "Get me a great cookie recipe" in a travel agent app, label that utterance with the None intent.

You add and manage your intents from the Intents page that is accessed by clicking Intents in your application's left panel.

The following procedure demonstrates how to add the "Bookflight" intent in the TravelAgent app.

To add an intent:

  1. Open your app (for example, TravelAgent) by clicking its name on My Apps page, and then click Intents in the left panel.
  2. On the Intents page, click Add intent.

    Intents List

  3. In the Add Intent dialog box, type the intent name "BookFlight" and click Save.

    Add Intent

This takes you directly to the intent details page of the newly added intent "Bookflight", like the following screenshot, to add utterances for this intent. For instructions on adding utterances, see Add example utterances.

Intent Details page

Manage your intents

You can view a list of all your intents and manage them on the Intents page, where you can add new intents, rename and delete existing ones, or access intent details for editing.

Intents List

To rename an intent:

  1. On the Intents page, click the Rename icon Rename Intent next to the intent you want to rename.

  2. In the Edit Intent dialog box, edit the intent name and click Save.

    Edit Intent

To delete an intent:

  • On the Intents page, click the trash bin icon Delete intent next to the intent you want to delete.

To access intent details for editing:

  • On the Intents page, click the intent name which you want to access its details.

Next steps

After adding intents to your app, now your next task is to start adding example utterances for the intents you've added. For instructions, see Add example utterances.