Manage intents

Add intents to your LUIS app to identify groups of questions or commands that have the same intentions.

You add and manage your intents from the Intents page, available from Intents in LUIS's left panel.

The following procedure demonstrates how to add the "Bookflight" intent in the TravelAgent app.

Add intent

  1. Open your app (for example, TravelAgent) by clicking its name on My Apps page, and then click Intents in the left panel.
  2. On the Intents page, click Create new intent.

    Intents List

  3. In the Create new intent dialog box, type the intent name "BookFlight" and click Done.

    Add Intent

On the intent details page of the newly added intent "Bookflight", you add utterances for this intent. For instructions on adding utterances, see Add example utterances.

Intent Details page

Rename intent

  1. On the Intent page, click the Rename icon Rename Intent next to the intent name.

  2. On the Intent page, the current intent name is shown in a dialog box. Edit the intent name and press enter. The new name is saved and displayed on the intent page.

    Edit Intent

Delete intent

  1. On the Intent page, click the Delete Intent button next to the right of the intent name.

    Delete Intent Button

  2. Click the "Ok" button on the confirmation dialog box.

    Delete Intent Dialog

Next steps

After adding intents to your app, your next task is to start adding example utterances for the intents you've added.