Use prebuilt domains in LUIS apps

LUIS provides prebuilt domains, which are prebuilt sets of intents and entities that work together for domains or common categories of apps. The prebuilt domains have been pre-trained and are ready for use. The intents and entities in a prebuilt domain are fully customizable once you've added them to your app - you can train them with utterances from your system so they work for your users. You can use an entire prebuilt domain as a starting point for customization, or just borrow a few intents or entities from a domain for your application.

Browse the Prebuilt domains tab to see other prebuilt domains you can use in your app. Click on the tile for a domain to add it to your app, or click on "learn more" in its tile to learn about its intents and entities.


You can find a full listing of the prebuilt domains at

Add prebuilt domain

Within a domain, look for individual intents and entities that you want to use.

Add prebuilt entity

Designing LUIS apps from prebuilt domains

When using prebuilt domains in your LUIS app, you can customize an entire prebuilt domain, or just start with a few of its intents and entities.

Customizing an entire prebuilt domain

Prebuilt domains are designed to be general. They contain many intents and entities, that you can choose from to customize an app to your needs. If you start from customizing an entire prebuilt domain, delete the intents and entities that your app doesn't need to use. You can also add some intents or entities to the set that the prebuilt domain already provides. For example, if you are using the Events prebuilt domain for a sports event app, you can to add entities for sports teams. When you start providing utterances to LUIS, include terms that are specific to your app. LUIS learns to recognize them and tailors the prebuilt domain's intents and entities to your app's needs.


The intents and entities in a prebuilt domain work best together. It's better to combine intents and entities from the same domain when possible.

  • A best practice is to use related intents from the same domain. For example, if you are customizing the MakeReservation intent in the Places domain, then select the Cancel intent from the Places domain instead of the Cancel intent in the Events or Utilities domains.

Changing the behavior of a prebuilt domain intent

You might find that a prebuilt domain contains an intent that is similar to an intent you want to have in your LUIS app but you want it to behave differently. For example, the Places prebuilt domain provides an MakeReservation intent for making a restaurant reservation, but you want your app to use that intent to make hotel reservations. In that case, you can modify the behavior of that intent by providing utterances to LUIS about making hotel reservations and labeling them using the MakeReservation intent, so then LUIS can be retrained to recognize the MakeReservation intent in a request to book a hotel.


Check out the Utilities domain for prebuilt intents that you can customize for use in any domain. For example, you can add Utilities.Repeat to your app and train it recognize whatever actions user might want to repeat in your application.

List of prebuilt domains

LUIS offers 20 prebuilt domains.

Prebuilt domain Description
Calendar The Calendar domain provides intent and entities for adding, deleting, or editing an appointment, checking participants availability, and finding information about a calendar event.
Camera The Camera domain provides intents and entities for taking pictures, recording videos, and broadcasting video to an application.
Communication Sending messages and making phone calls.
Entertainment Handling queries related to music, movies, and TV.
Events Booking tickets for concerts, festivals, sports games and comedy shows.
Fitness Handling requests related to tracking fitness activities.
Gaming Handling requests related to a game party in a multiplayer game.
HomeAutomation Controlling smart home devices like lights and appliances.
MovieTickets Booking tickets to movies at a movie theater.
Music Playing music on a music player.
Note The Note domain provides intents and entities related to creating, editing, and finding notes.
OnDevice The OnDevice domain provides intents and entities related to controlling the device.
Places Handling queries related to places like businesses, institutions, restaurants, public spaces, and addresses.
Reminder Handling requests related to creating, editing, and finding reminders.
RestaurantReservation Handling requests to manage restaurant reservations.
Taxi Handling bookings for a taxi.
Translate Translating text to a target language.
TV Controlling TVs.
Utilities Handling requests that are common in many domains, like "help", "repeat", "start over."
Weather Getting weather reports and forecasts.
Web Navigating to a website.