Manage your keys

A key is your passport to the server that allows you to publish your LUIS app to end users. LUIS has two different types of keys:

  • Starter Key or Programmatic Key: A starter key, also known as a programmatic key, is created automatically for LUIS account and it's free. It gives you 1000 endpoint hits per month so you can start using your LUIS app. It also gives you unlimited hits for authoring and editing your application using the LUIS Programmatic APIs. Click here for a complete API Reference.


    To find the Programmatic Key, log in to and click on the account name in the upper-right navigation bar to open Account Settings, which displays the Programmatic Key.

  • Endpoint Key(s): If you need more than 1000 hits per month you can buy a key from the Microsoft Azure portal. It is essential for publishing your app and accessing your HTTP endpoint. This key allows a quota of endpoint hits based on the usage plan you specified when creating the key. See Cognitive Services Pricing for pricing information.

The process of creating and using endpoint keys involves the following tasks:

  1. Create a key on the Azure portal. For further instructions, see Creating a subscription key using Azure.

  2. On the Publish app page, click the Add Key button to open the Assign a key to your app dialog.

    Assign a key to your app

  3. Select a Tenant ID in the dialog. In Azure, a tenant represents the client or organization associated with a service.

  4. Choose the subscription associated with the key you want to add.

    Choose a subscription

  5. Select a key associated with the subscription.

    Choose the key

Regions and keys

The region to which you publish your LUIS app corresponds to the region or location you specify in the Azure portal when you create a key. When you publish an app, LUIS automatically generates an endpoint URL for the region associated with the key. To publish a LUIS app to more than one region, you need at least one key per region. LUIS apps created on can be published to endpoints in the following regions:

Azure region Endpoint URL format
West US
East US 2
West Central US
Southeast Asia


If you attempt to publish to using a key in the Europe Azure region, LUIS displays a warning message. Instead, use

Publishing to Europe

To publish to the European regions, you can create LUIS apps at


LUIS apps created at don't automatically migrate to You will need to export and then import the LUIS app in order to migrate it.

Azure region Endpoint URL format
West Europe

Next steps

Use your key to publish your app in the Publish app page. For instructions on publishing, see Publish app.