Publish a knowledge base using the QnA Maker portal

Publishing your knowledge base is the final step in making your knowledge base available as a question-answering endpoint to a client application.

When you publish a knowledge base, the question and answer contents of your knowledge base moves from the test index to a production index in Azure search.

Publish prod test index

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.

Publish a knowledge base

  1. Once done with the changes in your KB, select Publish in the top navigation bar. You can publish up to the allotted number of knowledge bases for the Azure Search.

    Publish knowledge base

  2. Select Publish again to see the endpoint details that can be used in your application or bot code.

    Successfully published knowledge base

Clean up resources

When you are done with the knowledge base, remove it in the QnA Maker portal.

Next steps