Language support for Computer Vision

Some features of Computer Vision support multiple languages; any features not mentioned here only support English.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Computer Vision's OCR APIs support several languages. They do not require you to specify a language code. See Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for more information.

Language Language code OCR API Read 3.0 and 3.1 Read v3.2-preview.1
Arabic ar
Chinese (Simplified) zh-Hans
Chinese (Traditional) zh-Hant
Czech cs
Danish da
Dutch nl
English en
Finnish fi
French fr
German de
Greek el
Hungarian hu
Italian it
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Norwegian nb
Polish pl
Portuguese pt
Romanian ro
Russian ru
Serbian (Cyrillic) sr-Cyrl
Serbian (Latin) sr-Latn
Slovak sk
Spanish es
Swedish sw
Turkish tr

Image analysis

Some actions of the Analyze - Image API can return results in other languages, specified with the language query parameter. Other actions return results in English regardless of what language is specified, and others throw an exception for unsupported languages. Actions are specified with the visualFeatures and details query parameters; see the Overview for a list of all the actions you can do with image analysis.

Language Language code Categories Tags Description Adult Brands Color Faces ImageType Objects Celebrities Landmarks
Chinese zh - - - - -
English en
Japanese ja - - - - -
Portuguese pt - - - - -
Spanish es - - - - -

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