Video moderation with the Review tool


The Content Moderator Review tool is now deprecated and will be retired on 12/31/2021.

Use Content Moderator's machine-assisted video moderation and Review tool to moderate videos and transcripts for adult (explicit) and racy (suggestive) content to get the best results for your business.

View videos under review

On the dashboard, select any of the review queues within the video content type. This will start a review and open the video content moderation page.

On Content Moderator (Preview), the slider is highlighted and set to 4 reviews. The Blur All and Black and white switches are highlighted, and both are set.

Review count

Use the slider in the upper right to set the number of reviews you'd like to display on the page.

View type

You can view the different content entries as tiles or in a detailed view. The Detail view will allow you to see key frames and other information about the selected video.


Instead of outputting frames at regular intervals, the video moderation service identifies and outputs only potentially complete (good) frames. This feature allows efficient frame generation for frame-level adult and racy analysis.

The Tiled view will show each video as a single tile. Select the expand button above a video frame to enlarge that video and hide the others.

Content-obscuring effects

Use the Blur all and Black and white toggles to set these content-obscuring effects. They're turned on by default. In the Tiled view, you can toggle the effects individually for each video.

Check video details

In the Detail view, the right pane will show several tabs that give you details about the video.

  • Select the Notes tab to add custom notes to videos.
  • Select the Transcript tab to see the video transcript—the service automatically extracts a transcript of any speech in the video. When you select a section of text, the video player will jump to that part of the video.
  • Select the Meta-data tab to view video file metadata.
  • Select the History tab to see the history of the review, such as when it was created and how it was modified.

The right pane is highlighted, and the Notes tab is selected. There is a test area labelled Add a note.

Apply moderation tags

The main task of a video review is to apply or remove moderation tags on videos or parts of videos.

Bulk tagging

The Bulk Tags toolbar lets you add tags to multiple selected videos at once. Select one or more videos, then select the tags you would like to apply and click submit.

The + button is highlighted in the Bulk Tags pane.

Key frame tagging

You can also add moderation tags to specific key frames. Select the frames from the key frame tile pane, and then select Keyframe tags + to apply the wanted tags.


If the service couldn't extract key frames, the key frame tile pane will show No frames available and the option to select key frames will be grayed out. In this case, you can only apply tags to the video as a whole (using the Video tags + button).

The tile pane, video player, Keyframe tags pane, and Video tags panes are all shown. The Keyframe tags + and Video tags + buttons are highlighted.

Put a review on hold

The Hold button at the bottom of the video pane lets you put a review on hold so you can retrieve it and complete it later. You may do this for a review that requires a consult from another team member or manager who is currently unavailable.

You can view the videos on hold by clicking the Hold button at the top of the screen. The Hold pane appears on the right. From here, you can select multiple reviews on hold and either release them back into the queue, or set their expiration time. After the preconfigured amount of time, reviews on hold are released back to the queue. Select Save to start counting down from the currently selected expiration time.

On the video pane, the Hold button is highlighted. At the bottom of the pane, a Hold Time combo box is highlighted, along with Release and Save buttons.

Submit a review

After you've applied your tags, select the Submit button at the bottom of the video pane. If you've tagged multiple videos, you can submit them under a single review or as separate reviews.

Limbo state

After you've submitted a review, the video is moved to the Limbo state, which you can view by selecting the Limbo button at the top of the screen. Videos remain in the Limbo state for a preconfigured amount of time (which you can change in the menu at the bottom), or until they're reviewed again or manually submitted.

Once the videos expire from limbo, their reviews are marked as complete.

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