What is Project URL Preview?

The URL Preview endpoint takes a URL query parameter and returns a JSON response with the name of the target resource, a brief description, and a link to an image to display in a preview. The response also includes the isFamilyFriendly flag that indicates whether the URL contains adult, pirated, or other illegal content.

To get URL preview results, submit a GET request, and include the Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key header with a valid token:


The response:

HTTP Headers:
BingAPIs-TraceId: 3CC74C94769440C0851D9DF0869FCE7F
BingAPIs-SessionId: 52219085A6364692958C9C83983A0DBA
X-MSEdge-ClientID: 13D44DC2DE946B4B0F25460CDF036AD6
BingAPIs-Market: en-US
X-MSEdge-Ref: Ref A: 3CC74C94769440C0851D9DF0869FCE7F Ref B: CO1EDGE0315 Ref C: 2018-04-11T18:47:40Z
  "_type": "WebPage",
  "name": "SwiftKey - Smart prediction technology for easier mobile typing",
  "url": "https:\/\/swiftkey.com\/en",
  "description": "Discover the best Android and iPhone and iPad apps for faster, easier typing with emoji, colorful themes and more - download SwiftKey Keyboard free today.",
  "isFamilyFriendly": true,
  "primaryImageOfPage": {
    "contentUrl": "https:\/\/swiftkey.com\/images\/og\/default.jpg"


The URL Preview API supports brief descriptions of Web resources. Developers use it to build rich preview experiences. Users can share or bookmark webpages, news, blogs, forums, etc. This API can also be used for content moderation.

Applications use URL Preview to send Web requests to the endpoint with a query assigned to the URL to preview. The JSON response contains the preview information: name, description of the resource, familyFriendly flag, and links that provide access to a representative image and to the complete resource online.

Terms of use

Use only the data from Project URL Preview to display preview snippets and thumbnail images hyperlinked to their source sites, in end user-initiated URL sharing on social media, chat bot or similar offerings. D not copy, store, or cache any data you receive from Project URL Preview. Honor any requests to disable previews that you may receive from website or content owners.

You, or a third party on your behalf, may not use, retain, store, cache, share, or distribute any data from the URL Preview API for testing, developing, training, distributing or making available any non-Microsoft service or feature.

Throttling requests

The service and your subscription type determine the number of queries per second (QPS) that you can make. Make sure your application includes the logic to stay within your quota. If the QPS limit is met or exceeded, the request fails and an HTTP 429 status code is returned. The response includes the Retry-After header, which indicates how long you must wait before sending another request.

Denial-of-service versus throttling

The service makes a differentiation between a denial-of-service (DoS) attack and a QPS violation. If the service suspects a DoS attack, the request succeeds (HTTP status code is 200 OK). However, the body of the response is empty.

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