Analyzers Method


The Linguistic Analysis preview was decommissioned on August 9, 2018. We recommend using Azure Machine Learning text analytics modules for text processing and analysis.

The analyzers REST API provides a list of analyzers currently supported by the service. The response includes their names and the languages supported by each (such as "en" for English).

Request parameters


Response parameters

Name Type Description
languages list of strings list of two letter ISO language codes for which this analyzer can be used.
id string unique ID for this analyzer
kind string the broad type of analyzer here
specification string the name of the specification used for this analyzer
implementation string description of the model and/or algorithm behind this analyzer


GET /analyzers

Response: JSON

        "id": "22A6B758-420F-4745-8A3C-46835A67C0D2",
        "languages": ["en"],
        "kind": "Constituency_Tree",  
        "specification": "PennTreebank3",
        "implementation": "SplitMerge"
        "id" : "4FA79AF1-F22C-408D-98BB-B7D7AEEF7F04",
        "languages": ["en"],
        "kind": "POS_Tags",
        "specification": "PennTreebank3",
        "implementation": "cmm"
        "id" : "08EA174B-BFDB-4E64-987E-602F85DA7F72",
        "languages": ["en"],
        "kind": "Tokens",
        "implementation": "regexes"