Part-of-Speech Tagging


The Linguistic Analysis preview was decommissioned on August 9, 2018. We recommend using Azure Machine Learning text analytics modules for text processing and analysis.

Background and Motivation

Once a text has been separated into sentences and tokens, the next step of analysis is to identify the category or part-of-speech of each word. These include categories like noun (generally representing people, places, things, ideas, etc.) and verb (generally representing actions, changes of state, etc. For some words, the part-of-speech is unambiguous (for instance, quagmire is only a noun), but for many others, it's hard to tell. Table could be a place where you sit (or 2-D layout of numbers), but you can also "table a discussion".

List of Part-of-Speech Tags

Tag Description Example words
$ dollar $
`` opening quotation mark ` ``
'' closing quotation mark ' ''
( opening parenthesis ( [ {
) closing parenthesis ) ] }
, comma ,
-- dash --
. sentence terminator . ! ?
: colon or ellipsis : ; ...
CC conjunction, coordinating and but or yet
CD numeral, cardinal nine 20 1980 '96
DT determiner a the an all both neither
EX existential there there
FW foreign word enfant terrible hoi polloi je ne sais quoi
IN preposition or subordinating conjunction in inside if upon whether
JJ adjective or numeral, ordinal ninth pretty execrable multimodal
JJR adjective, comparative better faster cheaper
JJS adjective, superlative best fastest cheapest
LS list item marker (a) (b) 1 2 A B A. B.
MD modal auxiliary can may shall will could might should ought
NN noun, common, singular, or mass potato money shoe
NNP noun, proper, singular Kennedy Roosevelt Chicago Weehauken
NNPS noun, proper, plural Springfields Bushes
NNS noun, common, plural pieces mice fields
PDT pre-determiner all both half many quite such sure this
POS genitive marker ' 's
PRP pronoun, personal she he it I we they you
PRP$ pronoun, possessive hers his its my our their your
RB adverb clinically only
RBR adverb, comparative further gloomier grander graver greater grimmer harder harsher healthier heavier higher however larger later leaner lengthier less-perfectly lesser lonelier longer louder lower more ...
RBS adverb, superlative best biggest bluntest earliest farthest first furthest hardest heartiest highest largest least less most nearest second tightest worst
RP particle on off up out about
SYM symbol % &
TO "to" as preposition or infinitive marker to
UH interjection uh hooray howdy hello
VB verb, base form give assign fly
VBD verb, past tense gave assigned flew
VBG verb, present participle or gerund giving assigning flying
VBN verb, past participle given assigned flown
VBP verb, present tense, not 3rd person singular give assign fly
VBZ verb, present tense, 3rd person singular gives assigns flies
WDT WH-determiner that what which
WP WH-pronoun who whom
WP$ WH-pronoun, possessive whose
WRB Wh-adverb how however whenever where


As for tokenization, we rely on the specification from the Penn Treebank.