Developer resources for Language Understanding

Developers can use both REST APIs and SDKs for Language Understanding.

Azure resource management

Use the Azure Cognitive Services Management layer to create, edit, list, and delete the Language Understanding or Cognitive Service resource.

Find reference documentation based on the tool:

Language Understanding authoring and prediction requests

The Language Understanding service is accessed from an Azure resource you need to create. There are two resources: authoring and prediction endpoint resources. Both of these resources allow you to control your LUIS resources.

Learn about the V3 prediction endpoint.


Both authoring and prediction endpoint APIS are available from REST APIs:

Type Version
Authoring V2
preview V3
Prediction V2

Language-based SDKs

Language Reference documentation Package Samples Quickstarts
C# Authoring
NuGet authoring
NuGet prediction
.Net SDK samples Create and manage app
Query prediction endpoint
Go Authoring and prediction SDK Authoring
Authoring and Prediction using REST
Java Authoring and prediction Maven authoring
Maven prediction
Authoring and Prediction
Node.js Authoring
NPM authoring
NPM prediction
Authoring and Prediction using REST
Python Authoring and prediction Pip Authoring Authoring
Prediction using REST


Language Understanding (LUIS) provides a container to provide on-premises and contained versions of your app.

Export and import formats

Language Understanding provides the ability to manage your app and its models in a JSON format, the .LU (LUDown) format, and a compressed package for the Language Understanding container.

Importing and exporting these formats is available from the APIs and from the LUIS portal. The portal provides import and export as part of the Apps list and Versions list.

Other tools and SDKs

The bot framework is available as an SDK in a variety of languages and as a service using Azure Bot Service.

Bot framework provides several tools to help with Language Understanding, including:

  • LUDown - Build LUIS language understanding models using markdown files
  • LUIS CLI - Create and manage your applications
  • Dispatch- manage parent and child apps
  • LUISGen - Auto generate backing C#/Typescript classes for your LUIS intents and entities.
  • Bot emulator - a desktop application that allows bot developers to test and debug bots built using the Bot Framework SDK

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