Add prebuilt intents for common intents

LUIS includes a set of prebuilt intents from the prebuilt domains for quickly adding common intents and utterances. This is a quick and easy way to add abilities to your conversational client app without having to design the models for those abilities.

Add a prebuilt intent

  1. On the My Apps page, select your app. This opens your app to the Build section of the app.

  2. On the Intents page, select Add prebuilt intent from the toolbar above the intents list.

  3. Select the Utilities.Cancel intent from the pop-up dialog.

    Add prebuilt intent

  4. Select the Done button.

Train and test

  1. After the intent is added, train the app by selecting Train in the top, right toolbar.

  2. Test the new intent by selecting Test in the right toolbar.

  3. In the textbox, enter utterances for canceling:

    Test utterance Prediction score
    I want to cancel my flight. 0.67
    Cancel the purchase. 0.52
    Cancel the meeting. 0.56

    Test prebuilt intent

Next steps