Prebuilt domain reference for your LUIS app

This reference provides information about the prebuilt domains, which are prebuilt collections of intents and entities that LUIS offers.

Custom domains, by contrast, start with no intents and models. You can add any prebuilt domain intents and entities to a custom model.

Supported domains across cultures

The only supported culture is english.

Entity type description
Calendar Calendar is anything about personal meetings and appointments, not public events (such as world cup schedules, Seattle event calendars) or generic calendars (such as what day is it today, what does fall begin, when is Labor Day).
Communication Requests to make calls, send texts or instant messages, find and add contacts and various other communication-related requests (generally outgoing). Contact name only queries do not belong to Communication domain.
Email Email is a subdomain of the Communication domain. It mainly contains requests to send and receive messages through emails.
HomeAutomation The HomeAutomation domain provides intents and entities related to controlling smart home devices. It mainly supports the control command related to lights and air conditioner but it has some generalization abilities for other electric appliances.
Notes Note domain provides intents and entities for creating notes and writing down items for users.
Places Places include businesses, institutions, restaurants, public spaces and addresses. The domain supports place finding and asking about the information of a public place such as location, operating hours and distance.
RestaurantReservation Restaurant reservation domain supports intents for handling reservations for restaurants.
ToDo ToDo domain provides types of task lists for users to add, mark and delete their todo items.
Utilities Utilities domain is a general domain among all LUIS prebuilt models which contains common intents and utterances in difference scenarios.
Weather Weather domain focuses on checking weather condition and advisories with location and time or checking time by weather conditions.
Web The Web domain provides the intent and entities for searching for a website.