QnA Maker managed is now renamed to custom question answering

QnA Maker managed (preview) was launched in November 2020 as a free public preview offering. It introduced several new features including enhanced relevance using a deep learning ranker, precise answers, and end-to-end region support.

As part of our effort to consolidate the language offerings from Cognitive Services, QnA Maker managed is now a feature within Text Analytics, and it has been renamed to custom question answering.

Creating a new custom question answering service

Create a Text Analytics resource to use question answering and other features such as entity recognition, sentiment analysis, etc.

Now when you create a new Text Analytics resource, you can select features that you want included. Select custom question answering (preview) and continue to create your resource.

You can no longer create a QnA Maker managed resource from the QnA Maker create flow, instead you will be redirected to the Text Analytics service. There is no change to the QnA Maker stable release.


  • All existing QnA Maker managed (preview) resources continue to work as before. There is no action required for these resources at this time.
  • The creation flow for Custom question answering (preview) is the primary change. The service, portal, endpoints, SDK, etc. remain as before.
  • Custom question answering (preview) continues to be offered as a free public preview. This feature is only available as part of Text Analytics Standard resources. Do not change your pricing tier for Text Analytics resources to free.
  • Custom question answering (preview) is available in the following regions:
    • South Central US
    • North Europe
    • Australia East.

Next steps