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The Speech Devices SDK is a pretuned library designed to work with purpose-built development kits, and varying microphone array configurations.

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Devices Specification Description Scenarios
Roobo Smart Audio Dev Kit
Setup / QuickstartRoobo Smart Audio Dev Kit
7 Mic Array, ARM SOC, WIFI, Audio Out, IO.
The first Speech Devices SDK to adapt Microsoft Mic Array and front processing SDK, for developing high-quality transcription and speech scenarios Conversation Transcription, Smart Speaker, Voice Agent, Wearable
Azure Kinect DK
Setup / QuickstartAzure Kinect DK
7 Mic Array RGB and Depth cameras.
A developer kit with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) sensors for building sophisticated computer vision and speech models. It combines a best-in-class spatial microphone array and depth camera with a video camera and orientation sensor—all in one small device with multiple modes, options, and SDKs to accommodate a range of compute types. Conversation Transcription, Robotics, Smart Building
Roobo Smart Audio Dev Kit 2Roobo Smart Audio Dev Kit 2 7 Mic Array, ARM SOC, WIFI, Bluetooth, IO.
The 2nd generation Speech Devices SDK that provides alternative OS and more features in a cost effective reference design. Conversation Transcription, Smart Speaker, Voice Agent, Wearable
URbetter T11 Development BoardURbetter DDK 7 Mic Array, ARM SOC, WIFI, Ethernet, HDMI, USB Camera.
An industry level Speech Devices SDK that adapts Microsoft Mic array and supports extended I/O such as HDMI/Ethernet and more USB peripherals Conversation Transcription, Education, Hospital, Robots, OTT Box, Voice Agent, Drive Thru

Download the Speech Devices SDK

Download the Speech Devices SDK.

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