About the Speech SDK

The Speech Software Development Kit (SDK) gives your applications access to the functions of the Speech service, making it easier to develop speech-enabled software. Currently, the SDKs provide access to speech-to-text, text-to-speech, speech translation, intent recognition, and Bot Framework’s Direct Line Speech channel.

You can easily capture audio from a microphone, read from a stream, or access audio files from storage with the Speech SDK. The Speech SDK supports WAV/PCM 16-bit, 16 kHz/8 kHz, single-channel audio for speech recognition. Additional audio formats are supported using the speech-to-text REST endpoint or the batch transcription service.

A general overview about the capabilities and supported platforms can be found on the documentation entry page.

Programming language Platform API reference
C/C++ Windows, Linux, macOS Browse
C# Windows, UWP, .NET Framework (Windows), .NET Core, Unity Browse
Java Android, Windows, Linux, macOS Browse
Java* Speech Devices SDK Browse
JavaScript/Node.js Browser, Windows, Linux, macOS Browse
Objective-C iOS, macOS Browse
Python Windows, Linux, macOS Browse

* The Java SDK is also available as part of the Speech Devices SDK.


By downloading any of the Speech SDK for Azure Cognitive Services components on this page, you acknowledge its license. See the Microsoft Software License Terms for the Speech SDK.

Get the SDK


The Speech SDK supports Windows 10 or later versions. Earlier Windows versions are not supported.

For Windows, we support the following languages:

  • C# (UWP and .NET), C++: You can reference and use the latest version of our Speech SDK NuGet package. The package includes 32-bit and 64-bit client libraries and managed (.NET) libraries. The SDK can be installed in Visual Studio by using NuGet, Microsoft.CognitiveServices.Speech.

  • Java: You can reference and use the latest version of our Speech SDK Maven package, which supports only Windows x64. In your Maven project, add https://csspeechstorage.blob.core.windows.net/maven/ as an additional repository and reference com.microsoft.cognitiveservices.speech:client-sdk:1.8.0 as a dependency.

Get the samples

For the latest samples, see the Cognitive Services Speech SDK sample code repository on GitHub.

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