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Service updates

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May 2020

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GitHub issues opened in May

These issues were opened in May. This table lists the user that opened the issue, when it was opened, and it's status.

This table is updated monthly and only reflects issues opened in May.

ID User Description Opened State Type
56045 rhalaly Activity dropped because the bot's endpoint is missing 2020-05-31 Closed Issue
56038 rhalaly Wrong publishing bot steps 2020-05-31 Open Issue
56014 mosdav Add more clear doc about PCM samples format 2020-05-30 Open Issue
55984 chschrae Title doesn't match side bar 2020-05-29 Closed Issue
55857 nitinbhatia-dev CLI error with wave file 2020-05-28 Closed Issue
55717 dargilco Update speech-sdk.md 2020-05-27 Open Pull Request
55299 Tirumala-K Weird error with the unsupported voice name 2020-05-20 Closed Issue
55099 kmoore-riphaina The documentation on the speech to text api is poor 2020-05-18 Open Issue
55032 dubbySwords Microsoft CognitiveServices Speech class SpeechRecognizer, cannot gather a resulting text 2020-05-18 Closed Issue
55031 dubbySwords Not clear 2020-05-18 Closed Issue
55027 ovishesh Graphics not visible in Dark theme 2020-05-17 Closed Issue
54919 kmoore-riphaina missing section? 2020-05-15 Open Issue
54743 fifteenjoy Running Speech service containers fail 2020-05-13 Open Issue
54550 manish-95 Example for Pronunciation file 2020-05-11 Open Issue
54522 pjmlp Java sample is incorrect. 2020-05-10 Open Issue
54387 ziadhassan7 Can't get pronunciation Score 2020-05-08 Closed Issue
54382 jgtellez1 YAML file template 2020-05-07 Closed Issue
54208 paparush C# Sample Code does not prompt user to speak. 2020-05-06 Closed Issue
54132 anthonsu Upgrade TTS from v1.3 to v1.4 2020-05-05 Closed Pull Request
54111 anthonsu Update custom STT latest version to v2.2.0 2020-05-05 Closed Pull Request
53919 eyast Links to github projects are broken 2020-05-03 Open Issue
53892 viju2008 Property to define: Max Audio Recognition time for Android Microphone. Stopping Audio Recognition after 15 seconds 2020-05-02 Closed Issue
53796 singhsaumya Custom Commands: docs update 2020-05-01 Closed Pull Request