Get started with the recurrence trigger

By using the recurrence trigger, you can create powerful workflows in the cloud.

For example, you can:

  • Schedule a workflow to run a SQL stored procedure every day.
  • Email a summary of all tweets within the last week about a certain hashtag.

To get started using the recurrence trigger in a logic app, see Create a logic app.

Use a recurrence trigger

A trigger is an event that can be used to start the workflow that is defined in a logic app. Learn more about triggers.

Here’s an example sequence of how to set up a recurrence trigger in a logic app:

  1. Add the Recurrence trigger as the first step in a logic app.
  2. Fill in the parameters for the recurrence interval.

The logic app now starts a run after each interval of time.

HTTP trigger

Trigger details

The recurrence trigger has the following properties that you can configure.

It fires a logic app after a specified time interval. A * means that it is a required field.

Display name Property name Description
Frequency* frequency The unit of time: Second, Minute, Hour, Day, or Year.
Interval* interval The interval of the given frequency for the recurrence.
Time Zone timeZone If a start time is provided without a UTC offset, this time zone will be used.
Start time startTime The start time in ISO 8601 format.

Next steps

Now, try out the platform and create a logic app. You can explore the other available connectors in logic apps by looking at our APIs list.