Quotas and limits for Azure Container Instances

All Azure services include certain default limits and quotas for resources and features. This article details the default quotas and limits for Azure Container Instances.

For the availability of Azure Container Instances features and resources in Azure regions, see Resource availability for Azure Container Instances.

Service quotas and limits

Resource Default limit
Container groups per subscription 1001
Number of containers per container group 60
Number of volumes per container group 20
Ports per IP 5
Container instance log size - running instance 4 MB
Container instance log size - stopped instance 16 KB or 1,000 lines
Container creates per hour 3001
Container creates per 5 minutes 1001
Container deletes per hour 3001
Container deletes per 5 minutes 1001

1To request a limit increase, create an Azure Support request.

Next steps

Certain default limits and quotas can be increased. To request an increase of one or more resources that support such an increase, please submit an Azure support request (select "Quota" for Issue type).