(DEPRECATED) Monitor an Azure Container Service DC/OS cluster with Datadog


The Azure Container Service (ACS) is being deprecated. No new features or functionality are being added to ACS. All of the APIs, portal experience, CLI commands and documentation are marked as deprecated.

For more information, see the Azure Container Service deprecation announcement on Azure.com.

We recommend that you deploy one of the following Azure Marketplace solutions:

If you want to use Kubernetes, see Azure Kubernetes Service.

In this article we will deploy Datadog agents to all the agent nodes in your Azure Container Service cluster. You will need an account with Datadog for this configuration.


Deploy and connect a cluster configured by Azure Container Service. Explore the Marathon UI. Go to https://datadoghq.com to set up a Datadog account.


Datadog is a monitoring service that gathers monitoring data from your containers within your Azure Container Service cluster. Datadog has a Docker Integration Dashboard where you can see specific metrics within your containers. Metrics gathered from your containers are organized by CPU, Memory, Network and I/O. Datadog splits metrics into containers and images. An example of what the UI looks like for CPU usage is below.

Datadog UI

Configure a Datadog deployment with Marathon

These steps will show you how to configure and deploy Datadog applications to your cluster with Marathon.

Access your DC/OS UI via http://localhost:80/. Once in the DC/OS UI navigate to the "Universe" which is on the bottom left and then search for "Datadog" and click "Install."

Datadog package within the DC/OS Universe

Now to complete the configuration you will need a Datadog account or a free trial account. Once you're logged in to the Datadog website look to the left and go to Integrations -> then APIs.

Datadog API key

Next enter your API key into the Datadog configuration within the DC/OS Universe.

Datadog configuration in the DC/OS Universe

In the above configuration instances are set to 10000000 so whenever a new node is added to the cluster Datadog will automatically deploy an agent to that node. This is an interim solution. Once you've installed the package you should navigate back to the Datadog website and find "Dashboards." From there you will see Custom and Integration Dashboards. The Docker dashboard will have all the container metrics you need for monitoring your cluster.