(DEPRECATED) Azure CLI Samples for Azure Container Service


The Azure Container Service (ACS) is being deprecated. No new features or functionality are being added to ACS. All of the APIs, portal experience, CLI commands and documentation are marked as deprecated.

In 2017, we introduced Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for simplifying Kubernetes management, deployment, and operations. If you use the Kubernetes orchestrator, please migrate to AKS by January 31, 2020. To get started, see migrate to Azure Kubernetes Service.

For more information, see the Azure Container Service deprecation announcement on Azure.com.

The following table includes links to bash scripts built using the Azure CLI.

Create virtual machines
Create an ACS Kubernetes Linux cluster Create a Kubernetes cluster for Linux based containers.
Create an ACS Kubernetes Windows cluster Create a Kubernetes cluster for Windows based containers.
Scale an ACS cluster Scale an ACS cluster.