Azure CLI samples for Azure Cosmos DB Table API

The following table includes links to sample Azure CLI scripts for Azure Cosmos DB Table API. Reference pages for all Azure Cosmos DB CLI commands are available in the Azure CLI Reference. All Azure Cosmos DB CLI script samples can be found in the Azure Cosmos DB CLI GitHub Repository.

Task Description
Create an Azure Cosmos account and table Creates an Azure Cosmos DB account and table for Table API.
Change throughput Update RU/s on a table.
Add or failover regions Add a region, change failover priority, trigger a manual failover.
Account keys and connection strings  List account keys, read-only keys, regenerate keys and list connection strings.
Secure with IP firewall Create a Cosmos account with IP firewall configured.
Secure new account with service endpoints Create a Cosmos account and secure with service-endpoints.
Secure existing account with service endpoints Update a Cosmos account to secure with service-endpoints when the subnet is eventually configured.
Lock resources from deletion Prevent resources from being deleted with resource locks.