Azure PowerShell samples for Azure Cosmos DB - Cassandra API

The following table includes links to sample Azure PowerShell scripts for Azure Cosmos DB for Cassandra API.


The samples use Az.CosmosDB management cmdlets. Please check for updates to Az.CosmosDB regularly.

Task Description
Create an account, keyspace and table Creates an Azure Cosmos account, keyspace and table.
List or get keyspaces or tables List or get keyspaces or tables.
Get RU/s Get RU/s for a keyspace or table.
Update RU/s Update RU/s for a keyspace or table.
Update an account or add a region Add a region to a Cosmos account. Can also be used to modify other account properties but these must be separate from changes to regions.
Change failover priority or trigger failover Change the regional failover priority of an Azure Cosmos account or trigger a manual failover.
Account keys or connection strings Get primary and secondary keys, connection strings or regenerate an account key of an Azure Cosmos account.
Create a Cosmos Account with IP Firewall Create an Azure Cosmos account with IP Firewall enabled.
Lock resources from deletion Prevent resources from being deleted with resource locks.