Azure PowerShell samples for Azure Cosmos DB SQL (Core) API

The following table includes links to commonly used Azure PowerShell scripts for Azure Cosmos DB for SQL (Core) API.. For a complete listing of all PowerShell scripts see, Cosmos DB PowerShell Samples for SQL (Core) API on GitHub

Create an account, database and container Create an Azure Cosmos account, database and container.
Create a container with a large partition key Create a container with a large partition key.
List or get databases or containers List or get database or containers.
Get RU/s Get RU/s for a database or container.
Update RU/s Update RU/s for a database or container.
Add a region Get an Azure Cosmos account and add a region to the list of locations.
Create a container with no index policy Create an Azure Cosmos container with index policy turned off.
Change the failover priority Change the failover priority of an Azure Cosmos account with a manual failover trigger.
Account keys and connection string tasks Get the connection strings for an Azure Cosmos account. Get the primary and secondary keys of an Azure Cosmos account. Regenerate an account key.