Azure Cosmos DB: SQL query cheat sheet PDF


The Azure Cosmos DB DocumentDB API or SQL (DocumentDB) API is now known as Azure Cosmos DB SQL API. You don't need to change anything to continue running your apps built with DocumentDB API. The functionality remains the same.

The Azure Cosmos DB: SQL Query Cheat Sheet helps you quickly write queries for SQL API data by displaying common database queries, keywords, built-in functions, and operators in an easy to print PDF reference sheet.

Cosmos DB supports relational, hierarchical, and spatial querying of JSON documents using SQL without specifying a schema or secondary indexes. In addition to the standard ANSI-SQL keywords and operators, Cosmos DB supports JavaScript user defined functions (UDFs), JavaScript operators, and a multitude of built-in functions.

Download the Cosmos DB SQL query cheat sheet PDF

Write your queries faster by downloading the SQL query cheat sheet and using it as a quick reference. The SQL cheat sheet PDF shows common queries used to retrieve data from two example JSON documents. To keep it nearby, you can print the single-sided SQL query cheat sheet in page letter size (8.5 x 11 in.).

Download the SQL cheat sheet here: Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB SQL cheat sheet

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