Azure PowerShell samples for Azure Cosmos DB Table API


The following table includes links to commonly used Azure PowerShell scripts for Azure Cosmos DB. Use the links on the right to navigate to API specific samples. Common samples are the same across all APIs. Reference pages for all Azure Cosmos DB PowerShell cmdlets are available in the Azure PowerShell Reference. The Az.CosmosDB module is now part of the Az module. Download and install the latest version of Az module to get the Azure Cosmos DB cmdlets. You can also get the latest version from the PowerShell Gallery. You can also fork these PowerShell samples for Cosmos DB from our GitHub repository, Cosmos DB PowerShell Samples on GitHub.

Common Samples

Task Description
Update an account Update a Cosmos DB account's default consistency level.
Update an account's regions Update a Cosmos DB account's regions.
Change failover priority or trigger failover Change the regional failover priority of an Azure Cosmos account or trigger a manual failover.
Account keys or connection strings Get primary and secondary keys, connection strings or regenerate an account key of an Azure Cosmos DB account.
Create a Cosmos Account with IP Firewall Create an Azure Cosmos DB account with IP Firewall enabled.

Table API Samples

Task Description
Create an account and table Creates an Azure Cosmos account and table.
Create an account and table with autoscale Creates an Azure Cosmos account and table autoscale.
List or get tables List or get tables.
Perform throughput operations Perform throughput operations for a table including get, update and migrate between autoscale and standard throughput.
Lock resources from deletion Prevent resources from being deleted with resource locks.