View Azure reservations

You can view and manage the purchased reservation from the Azure portal.

Permissions to view a reservation

To view or manage a reservation, you need to have reader or owner permission on it. By default, when you buy a reservation, you and the account administrator automatically get the Owner role on the reservation order and reservation. To allow other people to view the reservation, you must add them as an Owner or Reader on the Reservation order or reservation. Adding someone to the subscription that's provided for billing the reservation, does not add them to reservation automatically.

For more information, see Add or change users who can manage a reservation.

View reservation and utilization in the Azure portal

To view a reservation as an Owner or Reader

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. Go to Reservations.
  3. The list will shows all the reservations where you have the Owner or Reader role. Each reservation shows the last known utilization percentage.
  4. Click on the utilization percentage to see the utilization history and details. See details in the video below.

Get reservations and utilization using APIs, PowerShell, CLI

Get list of all reservations using following resources

You can also get the reservation utilization using the Reserved Instance usage API.

See reservations and utilization in Power BI

There are two options for Power BI users

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