Azure CycleCloud Public Preview 8.0

The current release is 8.0.2.

Azure CycleCloud Public Preview 8.0 Release Highlights

Cloud-Init Support
CycleCloud now supports cloud-init as a way of customizing virtual machines as they boot up. Users can now specify a cloud-init config that will be processed before the CycleCloud configuration occurs. This allows users to baseline a VM by configuring volumes, mounts, networking, or OS before the scheduler stack is set up.
cloud-init example
Improved Boot Time
CycleCloud 8 also brings significant improvements to the node preparation stages that happen after a virtual machine is provisioned, decreasing the amount of time needed to fully configure a VM into a member of a HPC cluster.

Release Notes

Comprehensive release notes for the individual 8.0.x releases are listed below

Release notes from the current major releases, previous major releases and older versions are also available.