Release Notes

Azure CycleCloud v7.5.0 was released as a preview.

New Features

  • Added a more powerful machine-type selector that supports a prioritized list of sizes
  • Improved user experience regarding SSH keys
  • Let's Encrypt is now supported for getting SSL certificates
  • Automatically add ssh/rdp endpoints for public nodes and nodearrays
  • Account form includes inline help and validation of entered credentials
  • Can now specify AuthorizedKeyPath on Linux virtual machines
  • Cluster scaling now takes advantage of quota information to find capacity quickly
  • Added tool downloads and useful resources to About page
  • Now supports Azure Marketplace images that require acceptance of license terms
  • Can now override accelerated networking option
  • Election of Windows Azure Hybrid Licensing Benefit now supported

Resolved Issues

  • CycleCloud could not listen on port 443 for SSL
  • Jetpack would leave temporary files on the system after use
  • The endpoint browser couldn't list remote hosts with hostnames of localhost
  • Creating multiple account credentials caused a UI error when editing clusters
  • pogo wouldn't recognize sas tokens while listing containers
  • Deployment operation messages of type string were not handled correctly when displaying errors
  • PBS execute nodes were auto-stopping too quickly under some conditions
  • Too many grouped nodes were allocated by autoscale
  • Environments and references name validation was too restrictive
  • The SSH port was not always open if Ganglia was enabled
  • Data disks embedded in custom and platform images are not deleted on termination
  • Storage Account creation would occacionally fail when using the cyclecloud account create command
  • Some dropdowns on the cluster page did not update when the region was changed
  • Subscription-level resources were not deleted with provider account
  • HTCondor clusters did not use the autostop settings for idle termination
  • Instance prices are now set for all families
  • Volumes can now be used with nodearrays
  • Exporting of parameters via the cli failed when using environments
  • "Back to Profile" button was disabled after user settings were changed
  • Cluster edit UI would only display a maximum of two specs per node
  • Lockers could not be deleted