Secure your cluster using Disk Encryption in Azure Data Explorer - Azure portal

Azure Disk Encryption helps protect and safeguard your data to meet your organizational security and compliance commitments. It provides volume encryption for the OS and data disks of your cluster virtual machines. It also integrates with Azure Key Vault, which allows us to control and manage the disk encryption keys and secrets, and ensure all data on the VM disks is encrypted.

Enable encryption at rest in the Azure portal

Your cluster security settings allow you to enable disk encryption on your cluster. Enabling encryption at rest on your cluster provides data protection for stored data (at rest).

  1. In the Azure portal, go to your Azure Data Explorer cluster resource. Under the Settings heading, select Security.

    Turn on encryption at rest.

  2. In the Security window, select On for the Disk encryption security setting.

  3. Select Save.


Select Off to disable the encryption after it has been enabled.

Azure Data Explorer stores data within a region

Every Azure Data Explorer cluster runs on dedicated resources in a single region. All data is stored within the region.

Next steps

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