.create ingestion mapping

Creates an ingestion mapping that is associated with a specific table and a specific format.


.create table TableName ingestion MappingKind mapping MappingName MappingFormattedAsJson


  • Once created, the mapping can be referenced by its name in ingestion commands, instead of specifying the complete mapping as part of the command.
  • Valid values for MappingKind are: CSV, JSON, avro, parquet, and orc
  • If a mapping by the same name already exists for the table:
    • .create will fail
    • .create-or-alter will alter the existing mapping


.create table MyTable ingestion csv mapping "Mapping1"
'   { "column" : "rownumber", "DataType":"int", "Properties":{"Ordinal":"0"}},'
'   { "column" : "rowguid", "DataType":"string", "Properties":{"Ordinal":"1"}}'

.create-or-alter table MyTable ingestion json mapping "Mapping1"
'    { "column" : "rownumber", "datatype" : "int", "Properties":{"Path":"$.rownumber"}},'
'    { "column" : "rowguid", "Properties":{"Path":"$.rowguid"}}'

Example output

Name Kind Mapping
mapping1 CSV [{"Name":"rownumber","DataType":"int","CsvDataType":null,"Ordinal":0,"ConstValue":null},{"Name":"rowguid","DataType":"string","CsvDataType":null,"Ordinal":1,"ConstValue":null}]

Next steps

For more information about ingestion mapping, see Data mappings.